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We hope you enjoy our informative and fun blog. We would like to share our, and our other owner's and renter's, experiences with you as well as news about the area and helpful tips on visiting and living in Placencia, Belize. Click on one of our blog posts below to start your Belizean adventure...


Is This Private Island Resort The Privatest Of All Private Island Resorts?

"There are no other neighbors – it’s just you and the views.”
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Planning to 'switch off'? Gladden Caye makes the list of private islands to rent in 2019

There are a lot of beautiful islands around the world, but Gladden Caye Private Island tops the lis...
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Birds of Belize

15 beautiful birds of Belize
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What Americans And Canadians Find Attractive About Moving To Belize

A few reasons why many foreigners are visiting and moving to Belize. 
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All Eyes on Belize: The Tiny Country Hits Double-Digit Tourism Growth

While the charm that keeps the tourists coming to Belize has not changed, what is changing is the n...
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Belize's First Annual Birding Festival

Home to more than 500 species of birds, Belize is a  bird-watcher's  Eden
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The Best Time to Visit Belize

Ask anyone who lives in Belize, and they’ll tell you that “any time” is the right time to visit Bel...
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Happy Independence Day Belize!

On September  21st  1981, Belize gained independence from British rule.
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Seine Bight Community Outreach

One of the most enjoyable excursions in Placencia is visiting a local school.
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Belize Celebrates First-Ever Nonstop Flights from Minneapolis/St. Paul via Sun Country Airlines

New route from MSP Airport marks the 11th U.S. city to offer nonstop service to the country of Beli...
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